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How to keeping your crew and plane alive in Bomber Crew

I haven't the heart to tell my buddy exactly what occurred to her Bomber Team character. With any luck, she'll never ever read this.
She was just one of our finest flight designers. One night, on a treacherous return from a raid over France, she crawled out onto the wing to take care of a hissing engine. Instantly, the aircraft came under assault from a team of Messerschmitts and also the pilot, who for his very own safety and security shall continue to be confidential, started evasive maneuvers.

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The maneuvers were extremely evasive.

Our flight designer flung off the wing, as well as was last seen plummeting toward the English Network which, I listen to, is specifically chilly this moment of year.

Yet this is simply one of the numerous breakdowns and errors I've suffered with in Bomber Team. There's also the moment I forgot to change training course for 10 mins and flew to Germany, the time I failed to remember that there was an outlaw concealing u…

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